5 ways to ask for help without being a burden

It’s not always easy asking for help but often people are all to eager to help others and it can make them feel useful and needed as well. Here are a few tips to consider when you are in need of help but a little unsure how to ask for it.

  1. Be clear on what you need help with
    It allows the person offering help to get a fast understanding of what you need and the time it will take to complete.
  2. Consider the strengths of the people you can ask for help
    Approaching someone who does what you need makes the task easier to take on than asking someone who does not possess that skillset.
  3. Be realistic on timelines
    The more flexible you are on timelines the more readily help can be scheduled around other busy lifestyles.
  4. Create a schedule
    Alongside knowing what you want help with it is important to be clear on how long the task might take and your timeline to complete.
  5. Go easy on yourself
    It’s never easy going from being fully self-sufficient to asking for help but over time your abilities shift. Try to remember for the things you cannot do any longer, you may offer a host of other benefits that others fall short in. For instance you body may fail you on house hold tasks but your mind may be sharp as a tack and full of knowledge that can be passed along. Everyone has their strengths and it is okay to rely on others.

At Villy we are all too aware of how difficult it can be to find help across a diverse range of human needs and that’s why we created the Village. It gathers the array of talents held by our collective Warriors and showcases the tasks they can help with. It’s a two way channel where the Warriors want to feel useful and needed and can easily connect with Townsfolk who just can’t always do everything they have in their minds.

Visit the village and browse through the offerings – if you need something else please reach out to us and we will see if we can help.

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