Fortem Australia – Thank A First Responder Day – 12th June 2024


Fortem is Australia’s leading mental health and wellbeing support provider for first responders and their families.

Prevention can be more powerful than cure. We focus on early-intervention — nurturing resilience to boost mental health and wellbeing in the face of tough conditions. That way, our first responders become bendable, not breakable.

We understand that meaningful support calls for a balance of science and heart. Which is why every service we provide brings together the latest research with the genuine care of lived experience.

And we remain independent, even while collaborating with first responder agencies and other valued partners to drive improvement across the sector.

By staying true to those we serve, first responders can engage our services with full confidence.

Because, when we support the people who keep our communities safer, we support every Australian.


What is Thank a First Responder Day?

Thank a First Responder Day is a day to show our gratitude and appreciation for the first responders in our community, for the work that they do to keep us safer.

12 June 2024 is Thank a First Responder Day, when we ask you to join us in saying two simple words to our first responders: Thank you.

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