Earjobs™ – Flare Sleeep® Ear Plugs (Aluminium Dual)

Perfect for…

• Reducing noises such as snoring, traffic, noisy neighbours and building works
• Shift workers
• Side sleeping


• Fits comfortably and securely inside the ear
• Easy to remove
• Replaceable super soft memory foam tips
• Durable core for easy fitment
• Unique spherical tip design to fit all ear sizes
• Additional replacement tips available via shop

Aluminium Dual

• Precision turned from aerospace aluminium
• Stylish lightweight and durable finish

 Dual tips for extra comfort

What’s included

• One pair of Sleeep
• One pair of Standard and Large size Earfoams®
• Flare® carry pouch


Sleep in peace and comfort

Sleeep combines a super-soft memory foam ball with a slim durable stem resulting in an earplug that moulds neatly and effectively to the shape of your ear canal. Supplied with standard and large size tips, Sleeep are designed to fit all ear shapes and sizes. The foam tips have an extra-long rebound time to make sure you get the best seal and supreme noise reduction.

What does Sleeep do?

A miniscule earplug that’s designed with ground-breaking technology. A comfortable, effective and discreet way of blocking unwanted noise when trying to sleep. Sleeep are designed to give a fuss free solution to a peaceful night’s sleep.

Aluminium Dual

A contemporary and refined design showcasing precision turned aerospace aluminium. For those who want a stylish upgrade in material with a lightweight and durable finish.

Sleeep Aluminium includes our unique dual-tip design for extra comfort.

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