Earjobs™ Flying Ear Plugs (Pressure Release)

Earjobs’ Flying Ear Plugs

  • Reduce pain experienced from pressure changes while flying
  • Reduce background sound
  • Hear conversations


Reduce Discomfort and Background Noise
These are Earjobs’ own brand of travel earplugs and regulate the way air moves into and out of the outer ear, giving your inner ear time to compensate for changes in pressure that cause the ear blocking and pain experienced by many people who fly
Not Cirrus EarPlanes but Work the Same
Though the design and silicon quality are the same these are NOT Cirrus Earplanes. Our travel earplugs do NOT use a ceramic block instead they use a silicon rubber grommet which acts as a valve and allows a tiny current of air to move through the plug.
Cirrus Earplanes can only be used for one return flight. Ours can be used several times by washing in soapy water.
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