Earjobs™ – The Dozy™ 3D Sleep Mask

Key Features:

BLOCKS LIGHT — ALL OF IT: Unlike ordinary sleep masks, the Dozy™ is designed to shape flexibly around your eyes, creating a light deflecting seal around the eyes that keeps things dark wherever you are. The blackout seal gives you night, wherever you are.

NO PRESSURE: By cupping around your eyes, the mask avoids placing pressure on sensitive eyelids and eyelashes. You can open your eyes fully while wearing to appreciate the blackout quality of the mask.

A PILLOW FOR YOUR EYES: The Dozy’s eye cups are light and padded, they sit pillow-like over your face. They’re effective even for front sleepers, with the eye cups compressing when sleeping forward.

FULLY ADJUSTABLE: The removable eye-cups can be shifted to accommodate the unique shape of your face, ensuring the right seal every time. Along with the adjustable Velcro strap, it’s appropriate for all head sizes and face shapes.

NO MORE TIGHT ELASTIC: The adjustable Velcro strap is designed to sit gently on the back of your head, avoiding the uncomfortable yanking feeling you get with ordinary sleep masks.

SLEEP EVERYWHERE: The padded comfort of the Dozy™ makes it an attractive option for commuting sleepers. Wear it on planes, trains, boats, and in the car (preferably not while driving). The blackout seal is great even in a bright room, good for shift workers napping during the day or getting some sleep while your partner has the lights on.

What’s Inside:

1 x Dozy™ 3D Sleep Mask

1 x Dozy™ Drawstring Carry Bag


Everyone sleeps differently. Side-sleepers. Front-sleepers. One-leg-out-from-the-covers sleepers. So pick a sleep mask that adjusts for you, guaranteeing the comfort and serenity that suits your ideal night’s sleep. Introducing the Dozy™ 3D Sleep Mask. A premium sleep solution that lets you bring the night everywhere.

Unlike ordinary masks, the Dozy™ Sleep Mask works by creating a total blackout seal around the eyes, completely blocking all light without placing pressure on your sensitive eyes. The soft, pliable cups move with your face, ensuring the seal for even the most mobile sleeper.

Each section of the Dozy mask is adjustable, conforming to the unique contours of your face, further preventing those sleep stopping leaks of light. It’s ultra comfortable, with padding that acts like a pillow for your face. The adjustable velcro strap is soft, flexible and without the annoying pinch of elastic. It’s a low profile, high utility piece of sleep gear, appropriate for all settings.

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