Earjobs™ – Alpine Muffy Baby Ear Muffs


  • Protects against damaging noise whilst exerting no pressure on fontanelle
  • Silky soft, adjustable anti-slip headband
  • Tested and Certified: proven noise reduction to (SNR) 23 dB
  • Must have travel essential for airplane and car
  • Recommended for babies and small children up to 36 months of age



Alpine Muffy Baby ear protection is designed to protect the extra sensitive hearing of your baby against damaging noise and loud music, for instance at festivals, sports games, fairs, fireworks shows, races, and airplanes. Muffy Baby earmuffs are recommended for babies and little children up to 36 months of age. The earmuff has a soft, adjustable no-slip headband that does not exert pressure on the fontanelle. Muffy Baby is lightweight, prevents over-stimulation due to noise, and helps babies and small children sleep well while travelling. Keep your little one safe while taking them along on your adventures.

The No.1 baby ear muffs for noise on the market

The world is becoming louder and louder. Loud noises can be very dangerous to young infants and toddlers. Their hearing is in full development in their first years and extremely vulnerable. Alpine Muffy Baby noise cancelling headphones limit exposure to damaging noise in the first years of your child’s life.

Safety and Comfort are in the details

Safe protection for your child means a high comfort level and continuous product innovation. We devote considerable attention to the smallest details. Baby ear plugs may be difficult to keep in place. Our infant noise cancelling headphones are made from multiple layers of comfortable foam, ensuring optimum fit and alignment around the ears. The no-slip headband ensures that the earmuff stays put, while the diagonal placement exerts no pressure on the fontanelle. With its easily cleaned top layer, Muffy Baby is super hygienic and durable. Every pack contains a matching, silky soft Protect & Go travel pouch to store and transport the Muffy Baby conveniently and safely. Trust Alpine to provide the ultimate solution for infant ear protection and noise cancelling headphones for babies, so you and your little one can enjoy the world around you with peace of mind.

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